A vivid visual paean to the contemporary challenges faced by automobile manufacturers, Maloney’s “Winding Road” sculpture binds a myriad of Lexus RX 400h components with rivets, welds and cable in deliberate fragmentation and deconstruction. Created under the automaker’s demanding, two-week deadline – or, as Maloney recalls it, “No time to think” – the work reveals as much about the artist and his creative process as the needs of our very mobile society.


Many sculptural Lexus RX 400h components, such as the hybrid computer and miles of wires, are mounted within a shipping container whose reflective interior surfaces add visual power and movement to the piece. Indeed, the interior is aglow with lights. With its bulk, the container is integral to the work, lending an aesthetically pleasing background as well as a convenient means for display, shipping and reinstallation. The container is also set with a GPS, which makes the sculpture traceable.



Mixed Media; Stainless steel; panels, cones, cables, bands.

Metal rods and tubing, oil stick, and graffiti spray paint, wood panels,

shipping container, GPS.  Miscellaneous parts from deconstructed 2005 Lexus

RX 400h, mileage 14,072 including; computer, spare tire, hood, roof rack,

dashboard, toe hook, cross steering support assembly strut with brake pedal,

instrument cluster, shifter, head & tail lights, fasteners, seat belt, floor

scuff plate, wiring, VIN Number plate, sheet metal, rear window lift gate,

steering wheel, windshield wiper, rear view mirror, steering box and



Winding Road was chosen for exhibit by the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park - Exhibition Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the ArtPrize event September 22 - October 10, 2010.



Maloney is honored and excited to have “Winding Road” featured on the new Lexus site, where the work and the artist are revealed through an engrossing video of nearly five minutes in length. Tune in, click on, and enjoy.

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