Cow parade, La Jolla 2009

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The heard has Moooved from downtown La Jolla to new pasture, grazing and fattening up for auction.

Digesting The News, is my bovine-shaped homage to newspapers. Crafted of a fiberglass, life-size cow, La Jolla Lightnewspaper collage,paints, varnishes, newspaper bundles, twine and a newspaper dispenser, the all-weather sculptural work will make its debut in the La Jolla Cow Parade. 

Cow Parade La Jolla Charity Auction in 2009 was benefiting Rady Children's Hospital San Diego and The Zoological Society of San Diego. This was a chance to own a one of a kind work of art featured in the La Jolla exhibition, while supporting two key San Diego nonprofit organizations.

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