Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: You Float My Bloat, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, Beat the Bloat diet pills, bottle and pac

85h x 44w in


Steve Maloney Seal The Deal, 2008

Inkjet print and photos on paper, magazine clippings, Cosmopolit

84.50h x 57.50w in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Man and His Duster, 2008

Ink-Jet Print, Photos, Graffiti Spray Paint, Acrylic, and Resin on Paper and Board

72h x 30w in


Steve Maloney Bug Off, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, battery operated fly swatter, electrical

76h x 42w x 10d in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Ketchup, 2008


60.96h x 96.52w x 88.90d in


Steve Maloney Smoothie Pie, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, Ladies Infinity Razor product package, sh

84h x 55w x 8d in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Doo Mop, Doo Mop be My Baby, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, Dust Mop Slippers, paper, magazine clippi

86h x 48w in


Steve Maloney Awesome, 2008

Grafiti spray paint on canvas

106.69h x 167.65w in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Blue Balls, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, Dryer Balls, photo on newspaper, paper sh

215.90h x 114.30w x 20.31d in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Beware of Imitators, 2008

Graffiti Spray paint on canvas

142.25h x 137.17w in


Steve Maloney Wrapper Rage, 2008

Inkjet print and photos on paper, Open It devise, acrylic and re

58.75h x 60w in


Steve Maloney Let's Be Neighborly, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, electric Garden Groomer with collection b

84h x 60w in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Shed Me, Shed Me Baby, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, Shed Ender comb with dog hair, twine, oil

213.35h x 116.83w in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Chill Out, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, Auto Cool Solar car fan with packaging, c

213.35h x 182.88w x 35.56d in


Steve Maloney

1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt.Com: Obsessed, 2008

Inkjet print on paper, oil stick, graffiti spray paint, magazine

55h x 84w in


Maloney’s “1-800GadgetsAndGizmosArt”  is a mixed-media series of paintings and sculptural works, inspired by the raging consumerism and salesmanship that are so pervasive in American culture, will be on display for customers and art aficionados alike during a two-week exhibition at the store in an otherwise predictable retail mall.


Maloney goes further with his series, transforming the point-of-sale shrink-wrapped primary-colored packaging into artistic “wildfire” through splashes of color, clipped media and graffiti commentary. Bigger-than-life Pop Art paintings rendered on board and canvas are combined with giant objects – a dented and defaced car door here, a blue-wigged mannequin there, and a lime green Go Duster, that staple of late-night television better known as the “Motorized Fun and Easy Way To Dust,” placed in just in the right spot. 

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